Guest post from Mississippi Beerlover’s Wife

Full disclosure: I’m a wino. I don’t mind drinking beer and I’ll enjoy a blue moon every now and then,  but give me a glass of pinot noir and I’m purring.

But my husband was very sweet to grab a beer he thought I would enjoy today so I’m going to be nice and write something for his blog. Marriage is all about compromise. Kids are all about drinking. Wait, no. I think it’s the other way around.


So tonight I’m drinking a Blue Moon Valencia Grove Amber. Now I’ve tasted enough of Beerlover’s beers to know that I’m not a fan of Ambers but he might be on to something here. It’s definitely an Amber in color and at first taste, but it doesn’t have the metallic aftertaste that most ambers do. It’s more like a traditional blue moon wheat beer – it has a Valencia orange peel and a touch of wheat. It says that makes for a caramel aroma but I think it makes for a lighter beer that is much more drinkable. Very Smooth.

(Beerlover says I need a few more lines . . . possible pairings etc.)

Hmm. . .well I think it would be delicious with penne and vodka sauce – and this is where I would link to my cooking blog (if I had one).

All said and done, I recommend Valencia Grove Amber by Blue Moon . . . as a perfect gift to get for me on any special occasion!


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